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Please know that I am not a writer, I'm a photographer. Forgive all of my typos and missed punctuations. I'll make it up with pictures.

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Finally I Did It! I booked myself a shoot with my favorite photographer! You’re probably thinking, “Wait, why would you book a photoshoot with a photographer if YOU are a photographer?”  
2 reasons: 
Yes, I am a photographer but I am also a woman who has insecurities just like everyone else. Gurl, I even talked myself out of booking a shoot for myself for 2 years… "saving money for XYZ; I need time to tone my body up; and I just don’t have time." And whala just like that 2 years flashed by and I didn’t do any of the excuses I gave for putting off an empowering photoshoot for myself.
On a late November night in 2019, I booked myself a shoot! I said it out loud as I click on the enter button, “Yes Baby Girl you deserve this!” I was medically retiring after 13 years as a police officer. I was not the same person when I started LAPD in 2007 and I wanted to document who I was at the end of that chapter of my life. And let me tell you, I have no regrets. 

Additionally, I wanted to relinquish control and not overthink every pose I was doing because God knows I can occasionally get in my head and OVERTHINK things. I also wanted to feel A.L.L of the feelings of being on the other side of the camera:
Butterflies in my stomach, shy, oh my gosh am I really doing this?!… all the way to; Yes Gurl you are badass!; YES I DID IT!!
Mmm Hmmm that’s exactly how I felt during my shoot. 
Now I know first hand exactly what you feel from booking your session to experiencing a photo shoot. Let me tell you, I absolutely loved it! I hold the feeling of “Badass” with me and look at my framed photos on my walls everyday as a beautiful reminder.  


Let me tell you that as I’m writing this I’m jamming out to her playlist because it was that GOOD!

I remember the first time Ms. E reached out to inquire about a shoot (which was M.O.N.T.H.S before her actual shoot). I could hear the excitement in her voice. When she finally booked her shoot she was in my studio 2 weeks later. Let me tell you, good thing I had a cancelation for the date she wanted because it was celebrating a huge milestone. Her shoot was for her BIG 40, Valentine’s Day gift, and birthday present for her husband. 

I sent her all of the info on how to prepare. She followed it all from her hair, face prepped for makeup to her nails on point! She ordered sooooo many new outfits for this day to have the best 3 options for her shoot. Guess what?!!! Yup, you guessed right. NONE of them were delivered on time for her shoot! I told her, “Don’t worry I got you Boo. I have a few pieces in the studio you can use.” 

Side Note: I go shopping at Nordstrom’s looking for amazing pieces to have in the studio for moments like this… alright, alright I also buy stuff for me! But I’m always thinking about you ladies. 

I love how she didn’t let that little hiccup ruin her day. She came in with so much excitement, a few of her lingerie pieces and had her playlist ready to push Play. Ooooh her playlist was the BOMB! There’s nothing like Sabrina Clauido Radio to make you feel like a HOT MOMMA and one of her outfits as inspired by one of her album covers. 

At the end of her shoot she was glowing with the “OH YEAH I JUST DID THAT” look. As I walked her to her car, she said, “Damn I felt so sexy!” Oh it’s because you are Queen.